College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

Galvão Receives 2024 Mestenhauser Student Award

Washington Galvão, PhD Student in Comparative and International Development Education at OLPD, received one of three 2024 Mestenhauser Student Awards for for Excellence in Campus Internationalization. As part of his academic path at the University of Minnesota, he has shown his commitment to internationalizing education through multiple projects that envision equity and diversity. For three years, Galvão was part of the Common Ground Consortium Conference - Advancing Black Intellectualism, connecting scholars throughout the diaspora to discuss Black intellectualism. Additionally, he was part of the program managing team for the Mandela Washington Fellowship at the University of Minnesota for two years. Currently, Galvão is a teaching assistant at a study abroad program in Brazil, where he also assisted with the syllabus organization. This study abroad program is titled "Communities of Power and Resistance," where students from the TRIO University of Minnesota and Red Lake Nation students will engage in comparative discussions on resistance with Indigenous communities, racial and socioeconomic quota systems students, professors, community leaders, high schools in Vitória, Brazil.