College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

ES doctoral students

There are currently more than 20 doctoral students enrolled in our Evaluation Studies programs, and more than 200 across our department.

Ashfaq Ahmad Ashfaq Ahmad

My undergraduate degree was from Cornell University in International Development. Prior to joining Cornell University, I was Head of the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Unit for District Governance and Community Development, an €80…

Ashfaq Ahmad

Katie Boone Katie Boone

I am interested in evaluative methods and practices to understand what works best in complex, multi-sector contexts working to address real-world challenges.

Katie Boone

Doris A. Espelien Doris A. Espelien

I am a neurodivergent mother of two, primarily invested in taking the knowledge and resources I have been fortunate enough to access and putting them into as many hands as possible.

Doris A. Espelien

Mary O'Brien McAdaragh Mary O'Brien McAdaragh

I am interested in evaluative methods and practice to further understand what works in addressing complex social issues.

Mary O'Brien McAdaragh

Yue Zhang Yue Zhang

My name is Yue Zhang, an international student from China. My research interest focuses on underrepresented minority STEM transfer students’ persistence and graduation.

Yue Zhang