College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

Education policy and leadership

Education can be a hot-button issue. How do we provide fair and equal educational opportunities to all learners? How do we understand the legacies of the policies and choices we’ve made in the past? How do we ensure young people are afforded dignity and inclusion into our learning communities?

The Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) track offers coursework and research experiences designed to prepare you to make a difference in educational systems and settings for PK-12 children and youth. We provide you with a foundational understanding of the histories and variables that affect how a school or district is run, and we give you the scholarship and tools to make positive changes. We are committed to supporting leaders and scholars who work to continuously improve educational quality and effectiveness so that young people graduate from secondary education well-prepared to continue their learning and contribute to their communities.


Education policy and leadership MA

Develop a mastery of skills and knowledge in how politics, policies, and organizational cultures affect pre-K-12 education and development.

Leadership in education MEd

Applied to education, the study of leadership takes on new meaning and potential. Leadership in Education provides opportunities to shape and support young people’s growth and development.

K-12 administrative licensure

This program prepares aspiring administrators as K-12 principals, superintendents, directors of special education, and directors of community education.

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