College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development


Nicola Alexander Nicola Alexander

  • Professor; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Diversity, and International Initiatives
  • 612-626-3256

Policy does not always work in the way we expect or want. My research examines the implications of policy for society as a whole, entire student populations, and specified student groups.

Nicola Alexander

Peggy Andrews Peggy Andrews

Prior to beginning an academic career, I worked in the field of human resources for more than 20 years and held staff and leadership positions at The Pillsbury Company, Personnel Decisions International, Ameriprise Financial (formerly American…

Peggy Andrews

Alexandre Ardichvili Alexandre Ardichvili

  • Professor; Hellervik Chair in Leadership and Adult Career Development; Co-Director, Workforce Development and Research Lab
  • 612-626-4529

Examples of my past empirical research include: a series of quantitative studies linking leadership styles and cultural values of managers and employees in the U.S.

Alexandre Ardichvili

Heidi Barajas Heidi Barajas

  • Associate Professor; Interim Associate Vice President for Public Engagement
  • 612-625-4823

Heidi Lasley Barajas is currently serving as the interim Associate Vice President for Public Engagement at the University of Minnesota and is an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development.

Heidi Barajas

Kenneth Bartlett Kenneth Bartlett

  • Professor; Hellervik Chair in Leadership and Adult Career Development
  • 612-624-4935

My program of research examines the process, outcomes, and context of human resource development, training, lifelong learning, and organizational change.

Kenneth Bartlett

Cori Bazemore-James Cori Bazemore-James

  • Affiliate Faculty, Higher Education; Assistant Vice Provost, Graduate School Diversity Office
  • she, her, hers
  • 612-624-9447

Fall 2023: OLPD 8702—Administration and Leadership in Higher Education Dr. Cori Bazemore-James (she/her) is an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians of Western New York and was raised in a Lakota community in South Dakota.

Cori Bazemore-James

Joshua Collins Joshua Collins

I am concerned with the challenges associated with learning and work for racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities.

Joshua Collins

Joan DeJaeghere Joan DeJaeghere

As the oldest daughter of parents who had to leave secondary school due to financial needs, I am committed to concerns related to educational equity and wellbeing.

Joan DeJaeghere

Peter Demerath Peter Demerath

  • Professor; Co-Coordinator, Graduate Programs in Education Policy and Leadership
  • 612-626-0768

Demerath completes UMN GPS Alliance-Sponsored outreach trip to Papua New Guinea - Extended write up with pictures [PDF] My research and teaching are guided by a commitment to broaden equitable educational opportunity for all students.

Peter Demerath

Nicole Dillard Nicole Dillard

My primary research interest explores areas of marginalized identities in organizations with a focus on narratives of mothering and work, women and leadership, and the work-life experiences of women of color.


Heather Dorsey Heather Dorsey

I have been a faculty member of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota for 17 years. I teach in the First Year Inquiry program which involves multidisciplinary team teaching and learning communities.

Heather Dorsey

Meg Fitzgerald-Sisk Meg Fitzgerald-Sisk

My academic interests are in the fields of HRD, instructional design, and higher education, and my principal interest lies in exploring how faculty in higher education learn to teach.

Meg Fitzgerald-Sisk

Gerald Fry Gerald Fry

My background is Amish, although as a city-reared Kansas boy I was the only member of my extended family who didn’t speak Amish. Maybe that’s what prompted my interest in learning languages.

Gerald Fry

Andrew Furco Andrew Furco

  • Professor; Associate Department Chair; Co-Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Higher Education
  • 612-625-5663

My primary research and teaching interests focus on the measurement and assessment of experiential education, community-engaged learning, and community-engaged scholarship in fulfillment of the public purposes of education.

Andrew Furco

Michael Goh Michael Goh

  • Professor; Campbell Leadership Chair in Education and Human Development

From 2017-2022, I served as the University of Minnesota systemwide vice president for equity and diversity for the university’s five campuses.

Michael Goh

Barbara Hodne Barbara Hodne

I coach my students to be "first-class noticers" who think deeply about events and attitudes in the workplace and decide how and whether writing could address the issues they see at work.

Barbara Hodne

Rashné R. Jehangir Rashné R. Jehangir

  • Professor; Robert Beck Chair of Ideas in Education; Founding Director, CEHD First Gen Institute
  • 612-625-3551

My academic work is at the nexus of research and praxis shaped by my early career as a student affairs practitioner and advisor in federally funded TRIO programs.

Rashné Jehangir

David Johnson David Johnson

  • Professor; Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Evaluation Studies
  • 612-624-1062

David R. Johnson, Ph.D. is Senior Associate Dean for Research and Policy, an Emma Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership, and Director of the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) in the College of Education and Human Development,…

David Johnson

Christopher Johnstone Christopher Johnstone

Christopher Johnstone is an Assistant Professor of Comparative and International Development Education.

Christopher Johnstone

Minjung Kim Minjung Kim

OLPD 5615 – Training & Development of HR OLPD 3601 – Introduction to HRD OLPD 3424 – Sales Training OLPD 5619 – Planning and Decision-Making I believe that exploring human resources development in a diversity of organizational contexts…

Minjung Kim

Sehoon Kim Sehoon Kim

  • Associate Professor; Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development
  • 612-626-4079

My scholarship is seeking a comprehensive understanding of HRD to foster incessant development of individuals, organizations, communities, and the whole society.

Sehoon Kim

John LaVelle John LaVelle

My empirical work has focused on the formal development of the evaluation profession, with a specialization on understanding international job markets and university systems that are set up to meet those needs.

John LaVelle

Meixi Meixi

Spring 2022: OLPD 8087 - Culture, Learning, and Human Development Fall 2022 & 2023: OLPD 5122 - Indigenous Education ( course site ) Spring 2023: OLPD 8103 - Comparative Education From mangrove forests to highland mountains, I grew up navigating…


Karen Miksch Karen Miksch

My research focuses on the law of higher education and the transition to college. Specifically, I am interested in access to higher education from a legal and policy perspective.


Tania Mitchell Tania Mitchell

  • Professor; Department Chair; Rodney Wallace Professor for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • 612-624-6867

My scholarship and teaching is focused on supporting student development with an aim to foster students’ leadership capacities for social change and social justice.

Tania Mitchell

Walter Novillo Walter Novillo

My education background is in human resource development, business, public administration, and law.

Walter Novillo

Roberto Orozco Roberto Orozco

My research explores questions around race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality with relation to college student activism and student development, queer resistance and queer worldmaking in and outside of higher education contexts.

Roberto Orozco

Rosemarie Park Rosemarie Park

I was trained as an elementary teacher in Great Britain and have taught in elementary and adult literacy settings in Great Britain and the United States.

Rosemarie Park

Katie Pekel Katie Pekel

As the Executive Director of Educational Leadership, Dr. Pekel serves as the department’s direct connection between the fields of research and practice in PK-12 education.

Katie Pekel

Gary Peter Gary Peter

I've been at the University of Minnesota since 2002 and have taught a wide variety of courses in a wide range of disciplines to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Gary Peter

Calvin Phillips Calvin Phillips

Calvin D. Phillips, D. Ed. is the Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and serves as the chief student affairs officer of the University of Minnesota multi-campus system.

Calvin Phillips

Debra Prenkert Debra Prenkert

Dr. Prenkert has been in K-12 education for 28 years. She was a classroom teacher for 12 years at the elementary level.

Debra Prenkert

Gary Prest Gary Prest

  • Director, Administrative Licensure and Leadership; Co-Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Education Policy and Leadership; Co-Director, Urban Leadership Academy
  • 612-626-8647

As a University of Minnesota alumni, I am grateful to serve this great institution and its students as the Director of Administrative Licensure and lead in leadership development for educational administrators.

Gary Prest

Louis Quast Louis Quast

Louis Quast's primary appointment is as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development , in the College of Education and Human Development.

Louis Quast

David Quinn David Quinn

  • Rodney S. Wallace Associate Professor for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

David M. Quinn is Rodney S. Wallace Associate Professor for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota.

David Quinn

Aditi Rajendran Aditi Rajendran

My research explores how leadership shifts policies and practices towards more racially just schools and systems.

Aditi Rajendran

Ana Carolina Rodriguez Ana Carolina Rodriguez

  • Coordinator of the Master of Learning and Talent Development
  • she, her, hers

My research interests revolve around the relationship between paid work and other aspects of our lives, like caregiving and self-care.


Rebecca Ropers Rebecca Ropers

  • Professor; Senior Advisor, Academic Leadership and Conflict Resolution, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • 612-626-9545

My scholarship focuses on how educators create environments that are accessible to, nurturing of, and reliant upon people in our diverse communities.

Rebecca Ropers

Awa Saidy Awa Saidy

  • Affiliate Faculty; Associate Director, African Studies Initiative
  • She/Her/Hers

Awa K. Saidy is affiliate faculty for the Comparative and International Development Education graduate programs at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities' Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development.


Matthew Schuelka Matthew Schuelka

I have experience at all levels of education, from kindergarteners to graduate students. I have also lived and taught in several countries around the world: Bhutan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Matthew Schuelka

Roozbeh Shirazi Roozbeh Shirazi

  • Associate Professor; Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Comparative and International Development Education
  • 612-624-2367

Coming to the field of comparative and international education from a background in political science, I have always sought to understand the social, political, and cultural labor that schools perform, with particular attention to how knowledge is…

Roozbeh Shirazi

Stephanie Sisco Stephanie Sisco

My research seeks to understand how social issues appear at work and influence the learning and development of professionals of color.

Stephanie Sisco

Christine Sonenblum Christine Sonenblum

Early research projects concerned inclusive education services for students with disabilities, team-decision making in development of Individualized Education Programs, and post-school outcomes for students who had received special education and…

Christine Sonenblum

Teri Staloch Teri Staloch

As an Administrative Licensure Coordinator, Dr. Staloch supports aspiring leaders through their journey of growing and fulfilling licensure requirements by teaching courses, advising students and connecting them with school and district leaders.

Teri Staloch

Darrius Stanley Darrius Stanley

  • Assistant Professor; Carmen Starkson Campbell Endowed Fellow for Innovation in Teacher Development
  • he, him, his

My work centers the political, educational, and philosophical perspectives of Black people to unearth Black genius and possibility in education.

Darrius Stanley

Michael Stebleton Michael Stebleton

  • Professor; Co-Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Higher Education
  • he, him, his
  • 612-625-2110

My current studies focus on understanding the experiences of first-generation and immigrant college students, including food insecurity issues and the impact of career courses on career planning and career decision-making.

Michael Stebleton

Nathaniel Stewart Nathaniel Stewart

  • Assistant Professor; Carmen Starkson Campbell Endowed Fellow for Innovation in Teacher Development
  • 612-625-3517

I am a former middle school science teacher and Black liberatory pedagogist, turned educational policy scholar.

Nathaniel Stewart

Karen Storm Karen Storm

Karen Storm, Ph.D., is a Research Associate at the Center for Early Education and Development (CEED) part of the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota.

Karen Storm

Jonathan Stuart Jonathan Stuart

Coming from the fields of adult education and human resource development, my work experience the past twenty years intersects between training at companies and teaching in higher education.

Jonathan D. Stuart

Elizabeth Sumida Huaman Elizabeth Sumida Huaman

OLPD 5122 Indigenous Education: Research, Policy, and Practice OLPD 5080 (Special Topics) Qualitative research design: Applied Indigenous methods DSSC 8111 Ways of Knowing OLPD 8101 International development and education OLPD 5132 Intercultural…

Elizabeth Sumida Huaman

Bhaskar Upadhyay Bhaskar Upadhyay

As a former science teacher, I am interested in research and teaching that addresses issues of science teaching and learning in the high-poverty urban schools.

Bhaskar Upadhyay

Kyla Wahlstrom Kyla Wahlstrom

Kyla L. Wahlstrom, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow in the College of Education and Human Development, and also a Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development (OLPD). Most recently, Dr.

Kyla Wahlstrom

David Weerts David Weerts

  • Professor; Associate Vice Provost for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota System
  • 612-625-2289

Over the past fifteen years, my scholarly work has focused on helping college and university leaders build productive relationships with external partners including state policy makers, community partners, alumni, and donors.

David Weerts

Stuart Yeh Stuart Yeh

I apply evaluation perspectives and frameworks to identify what works in solving pressing social problems.

Stuart Yeh
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