College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

Business and marketing education BS

A degree in Business and Marketing Education (BME) prepares you for a variety of careers, from positions in Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial startups, and international organizations, to nonprofit management. You will take courses in sales and marketing to gain a broad set of business skills.

"Take pride in how far you've come and have faith in how far you can go."

Michael O'Toole
BME BS program alum; Video Coordinator, Tampa Bay Rays

Program Requirements

Foundational Courses

  • OLPD 2811 - Societies of the Future: Changing Work Contexts (3 Cr.) Technology and Society
    OR OLPD 2811H - Societies of the Future: Changing Work Contexts, Honors (3 Cr.) Technology and Society, Honors
  • OLPD 3324W - Writing in the Workplace for Education and Human Development Majors (4 Cr.) Writing Intensive
    OR WRIT 3029W - Business and Professional Writing (3 Cr.) Writing Intensive, Online may be available
    OR BA 3033W - Business Communication (3 Cr.) Writing Intensive, Online may be available
    OR IBUS 3033W - Business Communication in a Global Context (4 Cr.) Writing Intensive
    OR WRIT 3562W - Technical and Professional Writing (4 Cr.) Writing Intensive, Online may be available
    OR WRIT 3562V - Honors: Technical and Professional Writing (4 Cr.) Writing Intensive, Honors

Major Coursework

A total of 30 credits of major coursework is required. These 30 credits include eight specific required courses (listed below), a 4-credit applied experience, and 3 credits of electives within the BME major (options listed below).

  • OLPD 3401 - Teaching Marketing Promotion (3 Cr.)
  • OLPD 3424 - Sales Training (3 Cr.)
  • OLPD 3318 - Introduction to Project Management (3 Cr.)
  • OLPD 4426 - Strategic Customer Relationship Management (3 Cr.)
  • OLPD 3641 - Introduction to Organization Development (3 Cr.)
  • OLPD 3308 - Data-Driven Decision-Making in BME and HRD (3 Cr.) Online may be available
  • OLPD 3609 - Profession and Practice of Business and Marketing Education and Human Resource Development (2 Cr.)
  • OLPD 3828 - Diversity in the Workplace (3 Cr.) Online may be available

Electives Within the Major

Students must complete 3 additional credits of electives from the following list of course options. OLPD 3310 must be taken for 3 credits.

  • OLPD 3305 - Learning About Leadership Through Film and Literature (3 Cr.)
    OR OLPD 3310 - Special Topics for Undergraduates (1-3 Cr.) Topics Course
    OR OLPD 3381 - Developing Intercultural Competence (3 Cr.)
    OR OLPD 4401 - E-Marketing (3 Cr.)

Supporting Program

Students must take 12 credits of coursework outside of OLPD. Courses should be upper-division (3000 or higher) unless approved by an OLPD Advisor. Students may select courses from the pre-approved list, or propose other coursework in consultation with their OLPD Advisor. Common proposed coursework includes minors [Leadership minor excluded], majors, or self-designed themes.

Applied Experience

All students must complete 4 credits of an Applied Experience. The Applied Experience is a culminating experience to apply BME theories to practice in real world settings. 

  • OLPD 4696 - Applied Experience in Business Marketing Education & Human Resource Development (1-4 Cr.)
    OR OLPD 4421 - Practicum in Nonprofit Organizations (2 Cr.)
    OR LEAD 3971 - Leadership Minor: Field Experience (3 Cr.) Field Study

Did you know?

This major's flexibility gives you the option to add an additional area of expertise. In CEHD, earn a minor or certificate in areas such as adult education, sales, or sport management.

    Activate your potential

    Our students are motivated to get a jumpstart on their careers. As a final part of your program you will complete at least one applied experience at a company or organization of your choice.

    Go global

    What does business culture look like in Australia or Denmark? Find out by completing an internship or learning abroad experience through one of the Learning Abroad Center's sponsored programs. Additional opportunities exist through the National Student Exchange (NSE). The University of Minnesota has 180 programs in over 50 countries and offers a variety of short-term, semester, or yearlong options.

    Connect to your future

    CEHD's Career Services office meets you where you are in your career exploration. Career counselors guide you from orientation through graduation, providing resources and opportunities that will help you throughout your career. Career services include individual appointments, workshops on topics such as interviewing and networking, and employer events specific to your major.


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