College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

HRD doctoral students

There are currently more than 30 doctoral students enrolled in our Human Resource Development programs, and more than 200 across our department.

Christopher Boldon Christopher Boldon

I have led learning & development and technology teams for over twenty years in finance, educational technology, healthcare, and most recently here in higher education at the University of Minnesota as the Director of Workforce Data Management.

Christopher Boldon

Bethany Brausen Bethany Brausen

I currently live in Little Canada, Minnesota and coach in the athletic department at the University of St. Thomas with the women's hockey program. I have previous professional experience in various coaching roles, teaching, and career counseling.

Bethany Brausen

Christina Cauble, M.B.A., LNHA, HSE Christina Cauble, M.B.A., LNHA, HSE

I have work experience in the long-term care industry as an executive director of assisted living communities and as an administrator of nursing home facilities.


Lauren L. Eldridge Lauren L. Eldridge

I am a doctoral student in the Human Resource Development. I also work at the University full time as Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the School of Public Health.

Lauren L. Eldridge

Bo Fang Bo Fang

I am interested in finding the patterns behind the work behaviors, helping employees working with full engagement and meaningfulness, and improving individual and organizational development.

Bo Fang

Ying Feng Ying Feng

  • PhD Candidate in Human Resource Development Graduate Instructor, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Inspired by my advisor, Dr. Kenneth Bartlett and the late Professor Andrew Van de Ven, I am dedicated to becoming an engaged scholar and produce meaningful research to impact practice.

Ying Feng

Ethan (Hanwen) Li Ethan (Hanwen) Li

I have been studying at the University of Minnesota for 10 years. After I obtain my Bachelor's degree in computer science, I realized the gaps between school and real-life work are huge.

Ethan (Hanwen) Li

Veronika Paprocka Veronika Paprocka

My research interests include LGBTQIA+ people and their sense of belonging at work, how policy can support inclusion and belonging and create ripple effects within communities.


Ana Carolina Rodriguez Ana Carolina Rodriguez

I aim to contribute to healthier and more humanized relationships with work and more inclusive workplaces through research and knowledge sharing.

Ana Carolina Rodriguez

Panpan Zhang Panpan Zhang

I am a doctoral candidate in the Human Resource Development program. My research interests include organizational culture, employment relationships in the gig economy, and gig workforce development.

Panpan Zhang