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Research and engagement

Our research, teaching, and outreach reflect a commitment to interdisciplinary and intercultural engagement with educators, scholars, and policy makers seeking to enhance leadership, policy, and development around the globe.

Explore areas of expertise and research in the College of Education and Human Development.

Aus4Equality GREAT - Vietnam

Funded by Australian Aid-Department for Foreign Aid and Trade, Professor Joan DeJaeghere and co-PI Kristy Kelly, Drexel University, are leading a research team of global partners in a 2.5-year, longitudinal study, taking an ethnographic approach to understanding ethnic minority women’s empowerment and change through their perspectives, which has not been well understood among Vietnamese policymakers or international donor organizations.

CEHD First Gen Institute

The First-Gen Institute focuses on researching, developing, and disseminating evidence based practices and building communities of praxis that relate to the experience of first-generation college and graduate students, first-generation employees, and faculty across higher education and initiatives and programs, aimed at increasing access and success for first-generation college students across the country.

Engagement Academy for University Leaders

In partnership with the Office for Public Engagement and Education Technology Innovations, the Engagement Academy for University Leaders offers professional development for higher education leaders that are committed to building thriving institutions and communities. Topical webinars, workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year.

Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute

MESI hosts periodic training conferences and events for professional evaluators, program directors and staff, community agency staff, students, and others interested in conducting or using evaluations.

Minnesota Instructional Leadership Academy

MILA supports leaders with professional learning so that they can ensure that every student, especially those who have been most marginalized, has a school experience that makes them happy and proud.

Minnesota Principals Academy

The Minnesota Principals Academy provides leaders of Minnesota schools with knowledge, tools, and strategies to create schools where all students graduate college and career ready.

Minnesota Principals Support Series

The Minnesota Principals Support Series aims to provide teams of district office leaders who support and supervise school principals with practical tools, evidence-based best practices, and networking opportunities that will enable them to provide their principals with the support they are seeking in order to succeed on behalf of Minnesota's kids.

RISE Programme - Vietnam

Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) is a grant-funded research program which seeks to understand how Vietnam 'got it right' as students' educational achievements in Vietnam surpass the learning of students in far wealthier nations. Joan DeJaeghere and Paul Glewwe (Applied Economics, UMN) are co-Principal Investigators.

Urban Leadership Academy (ULA)

In partnership with metro area school districts, the Urban Leadership Academy program aims to further the professional development of new and experienced principals and future principals. Topical conferences, workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year, in addition to an annual summer institute.

Engagement affiliates

Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI)

The Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) creates connections between the college and Minnesota's schools to reform educational practice and improve overall effectiveness, disseminate research results, provide incentives and technical assistance for collaborative school-based research, and address educational issues of state and national importance.

Institute on Community Integration (ICI)

The Institute on Community Integration (ICI) is committed to preventing and reducing the limiting effects of disabilities. ICI applies its resources to improve the quality and community orientation of professional services and social supports available to individuals with disabilities and their families. The Institute is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), supported in part by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development (IPID)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development (IPID) is a student initiative linking graduate students, scholars, and practitioners with interests in development and providing opportunities to develop skills in leadership and to promote their scholarship in the field of international development.

Virtual Museum of Education Iconics

Images of education collected by Ayers Bagley, professor emeritus. "Education Iconics" is the name of a field of inquiry. The term "iconics" is an abridgment coined to denote both iconographic and iconologic inquiry into the visual expression of educational themes. An analysis and understanding of educational beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices in the societies where the images were both produced and used is possible through the study of education iconics.