College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

EPL doctoral students

There are currently more than 40 doctoral students enrolled in our EPL programs, and more than 200 across our department.

Janey Atchison Janey Atchison

I am interested in education funding systems, how public policy is shaped, and how political divides at the state level affect both.

Janey Atchison

Cherise Ayers Cherise Ayers

I am an educator by trade and worked in all levels of K-12 public education. I am currently serving in a district level equity role. I love my work. I am also a wife of one and a mother of three.

Cherise Ayers

Amie Bergersen Amie Bergersen

My current research interests live at the intersection of educator well-being, emotions, school leadership, and school culture.

Amie Bergersen

Ashley Karlsson Ashley Karlsson

I work with the policies and practices that impact the education of multilingual students in K-12 settings.


Demetria M. Poe Demetria M. Poe

Maya Angelou said, “I come as one but I stand as 10,000." I carry this quote in my heart and it has guided me throughout my life.

Demetria M. Poe

Brittany Stahlman Brittany Stahlman

After a decade of teaching high school English, the moments that transformed my teaching into being more inclusive and equitable were not the professional development sessions.


Alul Yesak Alul Yesak

I am a first-generation college graduate, and immigrant from Ethiopia studying the identity development of second-generation Ethiopian American students in the K-12 space.

Alul Yesak