College of Education and Human Development

Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

CIDE doctoral students

There are currently more than 60 doctoral students enrolled in our CIDE programs, and more than 200 across our department.

Ian Allen Ian Allen

I am a PhD student in CIDE with interests in the role of higher education in global health security efforts and international development.


Rebecca Awuah Rebecca Awuah

I am a mathematics faculty at Ashesi University in Ghana. In addition to teaching mathematics courses such as Precalculus and Statistics, I teach Giving Voice to Values, part of Ashesi's leadership core curriculum, and oversee The Fund for Service to…

Rebecca Awuah

Abdulrahman Bindamnan Abdulrahman Bindamnan

Mr. Abdulrahman Bindamnan is a PhD student and Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change at the University of Minnesota. Mr.

Abdulrahman Bindamnan

Megan Braunstein Megan Braunstein

I am a first year Ph.D. student in Leadership for Intercultural and International Education cohort.

Megan Braunstein

Holly Buttrey Holly Buttrey

In my full-time professional role, I am an Associate Dean of Admissions for Carleton College in Northfield, MN. This role takes me around the United States and Western Hemisphere recruiting the next generations of Carleton students.

Holly Buttrey

Giselle Caretto Giselle Caretto

Having spent over a decade teaching internationally in varying types of educational settings, I gained keen interest in the effects of the internationalization of the English language and pedagogy and its intersection with local and indigenous…


Samira Chatila Samira Chatila

ICGC Fellowship, 2020-21 Provost's Fund Fellowship, 2020-21 Chatila, S. & Alatas, S. F. (2022). Southern contributions to the sociology of knowledge .

Samira Chatila

Vallen Cook Vallen Cook

I am currently an environmentalist and youth worker for the Grand Portage Band of Chippewa in northern Minnesota. I also volunteer at an indigenous youth center in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Vallen Cook

Vu Dao Vu Dao

Grants to Advance Graduate Education (GAGE) Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2020

Vu Dao

Megan C. Deutschman Megan C. Deutschman

I am interested in understanding how white educators construct and consider their racial identities.

Megan C. Deutschman

Dana Downey Dana Downey

I am curious about the overlap between universities and the public good in the global context, and the potential public and private benefits of higher education in the building (or rebuilding) of a nation.

Dana Downey

Nisma Elias Nisma Elias

Instructor for Mastering Skills for College Success and Academic Success, Student Counseling Center Co-editor of the Reconsidering Development Journal Current chair and founding member of the Graduate League of Organizational Leadership, Policy and…

Nisma Elias

Danielle Fields Danielle Fields

I have 19 years of experience as a public school educator in Grades PreK-12. Having a heart for social justice and equity, I have dedicated my career to serving underserved communities as both an educator and a school/district administrator.

Danielle Fields

Cody Freeman Cody Freeman

My mission is to create freedom through education for queer youth globally. My work centers on leading the transformative shift of systems through actionable strategies at the intersection of academia, civil society, and the United Nations.

Cody Freeman

Liz Sehyun Hwang Liz Sehyun Hwang

My research interest is mainly around the internationalization of higher education in the United States.

Liz Sehyun Hwang

Oliver Keels Oliver Keels

I am a Lecturer in Political Science and History for Wenzhou Kean University’s College of Liberal Arts. Prior to working at WKU, I served as the Director of Student Services and Lecturer for the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.

Oliver Keels

Abby Menter Abby Menter

I live in South Dakota and currently work to support teachers in developing equity-oriented teaching practices.

Abby Menter

Lisa Miller Lisa Miller

Currently, I am the Director of International and Professional Programs at the University of California, Riverside Extension.

Lisa Miller

Enet Mukurazita Enet Mukurazita

Comparative and International Education Society DePodesta Fellow, 2023 Culture Corps Gender Equity Grant, 2022 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. College of Education and Human Development.

Enet Mukurazita

Thi Nguyen Thi Nguyen

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam but call Sunnyvale, California my home.


Samantha Nissen Samantha Nissen

I am an educational researcher currently studying narratives from international students in U.S journalism schools on contested issues of democracy, press freedom, belonging.

Samantha Nissen

Obafemi O. Ogunleye Obafemi O. Ogunleye

I am a doctoral candidate in Comparative and International Development Education with a minor in Program Evaluation.

Obafemi O. Ogunleye

Dane Rowley Dane Rowley

I have been working with students from the United States and around the world in outreach, counseling, admission, advising, and teaching for nearly 18 years In addition to being a student I am Director of International Admission at California…

Dane Rowley

Consuelo Sánchez-Bautista Consuelo Sánchez-Bautista

I am a Fulbright-Colciencias doctoral student in the Comparative International Development Education program. Broadly, I am interested in the relationships between education and mobility, particularly in contexts of armed conflicts and violence.

Consuelo Sánchez-Bautista

Rachel M. Scholten Rachel M. Scholten

During my undergraduate studies I spent one semester at Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro in Mexico and one at Universidad de la Habana in Cuba, solidifying my interest in continued intercultural learning and working with international populations.

Rachel M. Scholten

Gary Schwartz-Moore Gary Schwartz-Moore

After working in higher education for the past 15 years, I decided to start my PhD program as part of the LIIE cohort in 2020 to delve deeper into my areas of primary research interest: DEI in higher ed and inclusive leadership.

Gary Schwartz-Moore

Ahmed Sirleaf Ahmed Sirleaf

A seasoned International Development, Rule of Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional, with over a combined decade of experience in planning and managing complex donor, Transitional Justice, and International Human Rights programs.

Ahmed Sirleaf

Lindsey Smaka Lindsey Smaka

In addition to my doctoral work, I am a chemistry teacher and coordinate the Global Scholar Program at Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota.

Lindsey Smaka

Kae Takaoka Kae Takaoka

I am a public high school teacher in Japan with over 13 years of experience. I have also taught at a public high school in Washington State for a year as an exchange teacher from Japan.

Kae Takaoka

Tommy Van Norman Tommy Van Norman

I am interested in exploring how formal higher education experiences (i.e., study abroad and experiential/immersive learning) imbed land-based, placed-based, or Indigenous education into their curriculum and programming, and how those experiences…

Tommy Van Norman

Vanessa Voller Vanessa Voller

I am a doctoral student at the College of Education and Human Development and School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota and a visiting instructor in the Community and Global Health division of the International Studies Department at…

Vanessa Voller

Hanna Girma Wedajo Hanna Girma Wedajo

Hawkinson/Jacobson Scholar - Hawkinson Fund for Peace and Justice, 2019 Mary Corcoran Endowed Fellowship in Evaluation and Policy Studies, 2019 Educational Evaluation and Policy Studies Fellowship, 2018 Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of…

Hanna Girma Wedajo